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Individual Counselling

At Rahma, we are happy to see a wide range of people, but are particularly adept at working with people of colour, particularly Muslims. Our practice is mostly made up of Muslim women and folx across the 2SLGBTQIA+ spectrum. We are a good fit for those looking for spiritually and culturally supportive mental health care that takes into account the impact of the systems that we live in and our intersectional identities. 

Salima is not currently taking new clients, but does have a waitlist.

Ubah is taking on new clients and would love to hear from you!

Couples & Families

At Rahma, we also sees a variety of couples and families for counselling. We specializes in cases where there are multiple cultures or faiths at play in the relationships, and can help couples and families navigate the challenges around blending and accommodating multiple traditions. We also work with 2SLGBTQI+ folx around family dynamic, culture, and faith.

Salima is not currently taking new clients but does have a waitlist

Ubah is taking on new clients and would love to hear from you!

Group Work

We run a number of classes that are in line with our areas of specialization, including Adlerian parenting, Introduction to Islam, and Anti-Racism.


We presents to various community groups and businesses on mental health, Islam, Islamophobia, and anti-racism. If you would like Salima or Ubah to come speak to your group, please get in touch.

Current Classes



to Islam

Dates TBD
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for Ismailis

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