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Modern Ismaili Aesthetic


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Batini Baby is our beloved side hustle, the product of a life spend curating & creating pieces for our home and friends. Informed by the faith that we hold dear and a desire to create spaces and moments of deep comfort, Batini Baby pieces offer a cozy, modern option for Ismailis to express themselves and their values.

About Us

Where Family & Faith Meet

Batini Baby is the brainchild of the Versi-Sumars. Salima is a psychotherapist, scholar, activist, and alwaeza, and is the creative force behind every piece. Alykhan is a business-brained, ultra-handy, full-time dad, who also manages to find time to make Salima's visions come to life. Their kiddos are the product testers, models, and the inspiration behind everything Batini Baby does.

The Batini Baby Store

Below are the products we currently offer. We add new products regularly and are also happy to take custom orders, so if you don't see what you want, get in touch!


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