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"The struggle to remain empathetically open to the other in a diversifying world is a continuing struggle of central importance for all of us."

HH the Aga Khan, Brown University, March 2014


Anti-Racism for Ismailis

This 10-week course takes an empathetic & discussion-based approach to the complex & charged topic of anti-racism. It aims to help participants learn new ways of thinking about historical and current contexts of marginalized groups through the lens of Islamic ethics & Imamat guidance, with a focus on actionable change. Participants can expect to be challenged by the context, but will learn to sit with discomfort, and will emerge from the course feeling better able to navigate the complexities of these issues in a way that will ultimately enable them to live a more ethically coherent life

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Course Fee: $250/person

Cost includes course textbook: This Book is Anti-Racist by Tiffany Jewel

50% of course fees go directly to

Black & Indigenous Community Organizations

Although there is a fee for this course, please note that we are able to provide subsidized attendance and therefore cost should not be a barrier to participation.

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Online Course
Dates TBD

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